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Milan - September 14, 2016Dear Company,IPACK-IMA was founded in 1961, exactly 55 years ago.While the first man traveled to space, the first edition of our exhibition was being inaugurated in Milan. Italy was still enjoying the benefits of the economic boom and IPACK-IMA seized the right moment to create business opportunities.23 editions have been held since that year, the protagonists being the processing and ...
Fruit & Veg Innovation
Fiera Milano joins forces with Veronafiere to build a system that will support the agrifood sector
The new agreement will create a single Fruit and vegetables trade fair. Veronafiere will stage an event and an educational programme on wine at TUTTOFOOD
Fiera Milano joins forces with Veronafiere to build a system that will support the agrifood sector
Veronafiere and Fiera Milano, Italy’s two leading trade show organisers, have signed last May an agreement that will give the country a single annual international trade show for fruit and vegetables. The main focus will be on innovation and international markets. The new event, stemming from the union of Fruit Innovation in Milan and Fruit&Veg System in Verona, will take place yearly, with Verona taking ...
Fruit & Veg Innovation
Fruit&Veg Innovation 2017: Fruttital and Sant'Orsola among the first to join
Following the agreement signed on May 6, a series of meetings of representatives of the two exhibition companies gave the green light to the partnership between Fiera Milano and Veronafiere designed to produce a single international yearly event dedicated to the fruit and vegetable industry. The new exhibition Fruit&Veg Innovation – created from the union of Milan’s Fruit Innovation and ...
Fruit & Veg Innovation
Fruit&Veg Innovation supported the Omnibus mission to Kazakhstan
From June 5 to 11, the business mission to Kazakhstan mainly focused on fruit and vegetable import-export and logistics. It is one of the most important business missions focusing on fresh produce ever organized to this key central Asian country, as large as the EU and in rapid development. The mission is a project by Omnibus Comunicazione and enjoys the support of Fruit&Veg Innovation and TUTTOFOOD. ...
Fruit & Veg Innovation
'Spazio Nutrizione' will communicate the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables
From May 5 to 7 Milan was home to 'Spazio Nutrizione', a new event on healthy nutrition organized by Tuttofood in cooperation with Akesios Group, Università Statale di Milano and 15 medical and scientific companies. In 2017 this major date for doctors and nutritionists will be hosted inside Fruit&Veg Innovation and will communicate the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables.For further information, ...
Fruit & Veg Innovation
Fruit&Veg Innovation raises interest at Medfel, Perpignan
Medfel, the French fruit and vegetable show whose eighth edition took place from April 26 to 28 in Perpignan with 246 exhibitors is part of the international promotional plan for the 2017 edition of Fruit&Veg Innovation – the exhibition for fruit and vegetables slated to take place in conjunction with Tuttofood, Italy’s first exhibition for the food industry (Fiera Milano, May 8-11 2017) showcasing ...
Leading Italian companies choose IPACK-IMA
During the last meeting of the Ucima Governing Board (the Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers' Association), Italy’s leading packaging machinery manufacturing companies confirmed their participation in the 2018 edition of IPACK-IMA as well as their support to the organizers with the goal of increasing the exhibition’s internationality. “After years of absence, leading Italian companies in ...
FCM regulation in Europe and Italy: upcoming changes
Changes to legislation governing materials and objects in contact with food products.
Food & Beverage: a Report on consumption
Italian food consumption shows a slight recovery.
Markets to explore: Latin America
In South America, the food & beverage sector drives domestic consumption and exports.
Flexible packaging for converting
From 2005 to 2014, flexible packaging for converting had a 3.3% annual growth rate
LCA: joint project for labels
Life Cycle Assessment for self-adhesive labeling
Everything changes. For the better
Goals, projects and new tools of Italian manufacturers of machinery for printing and converting: news from Acimga's annual assembly.
The Best Packaging of 2015
The Packaging Oscars 2015 recognize the innovative technological value of the products in competition. Under the aegis of Ipack-Ima, the initiative of Istituto Italiano Imballaggio has been conceptually revamped.
The food industry in Italy
Market structure, consumption trends and types of packaging for food products (food and beverages).
Beauty Report 2015
At the annual assembly of Cosmetica Italia, held last June 23rd, a new publication sponsored by the Association was presented.
European tubes sector grows
In spite of a persisting turbulent international socio-political climate, the concerns comprising Etma (the European Tube Manufacturers Association) produced 10.5 billion tubes in 2014.
Report on the state of packaging (2)
A four-month survey of the packaging industry. The situation as of late May 2015. By Plinio Iascone
Markets to be explored - Messico
The Mexican market for packaging machinery and packaging is highly dynamic.
More steel recovered from packaging
Steel containers and closures, tins and crown caps, aerosol cans and industrial drums: steel packaging continues to prove a "friend of the environment" in 2014.
Health packaging
Facts and figures on the Italian market and on the packaging of the various pharmaceutical forms.
Compostable capsules for US coffee
Massimo Zanetti Beverage, one of the biggest US coffee roasters has announced the introduction onto the US market, by the end of the year, of the first line of  100%  compostable coffee capsules.
Accademia del Profumo: the winners
The consumers' jury of the Accademia del Profumo awards elected Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum "perfume of the year", while the technical jury voted Panthre Cartier and Valentino Uomo as the best womens' and mens' perfum
Plastic packaging
Growth trend of production and market position. Plinio Iascone
Scenarios and technologies for flexible packaging
Packaging is an ever increasingly complex and fascinating topic. Forget about the past and try to imagine a holistic approach...
Markets to explore: South Africa
Exporting packaging to South Africa (machines and not only)
Cellulose packaging and the multichannel challenge
The growth of e-commerce is changing the equilibriums of retail. Studies, reflections and undertakings by Comieco.
The numbers of confidence
The optimism among largescale retail industrial and distribution companies is growing: the figures of GS1 Italy/Indicod economic observatory.
Packaging according to Nendo
apanese packaging is never downbeat. As if to say packaging with a soul.
Patenting incentives
Structured program of undertakings in support of the development and the competitivity of the Italian entrepreneurial system.
The supply chain that respects forests
A study about the use of paper made from wood pulp from forests managed according to criteria of environmental sustainability
Food contact compliance conference
Baveno-Stresa, 23-25 September 2015: the second international conference to supply updates and information on packaging in contact with food products.
Dynamic, concrete and very, very streamlined...
Ideas, projects and initial results for Acimga, an ambitious organization, which has already picked up new members.
Market: flexible packaging in Russia
EXPORT from ICE-Agency, the column dedicated to companies interested in developing their business abroad.
EPDA conference
Barcelona, 11-13 June 2015.
The next meeting of Finat
Bratislava, 16 to 18 of April 2015. The second conference for young managers of the labeling industry.
Graphic arts: machines are back to showing growth
After four years of constant lows, 2014 saw a trend reversal.
The rebirth of the sense of wonder
Future Food District at Expo 2015, one possible scenario for the future of retail.
Markets to explore: Turkey
The column dedicated to international markets, by Edizioni Dativo in collaboration with ICE-Agency.
Compostable capsule for the Italian espresso
A new development model starts from coffee.
Award-winning anti-waste practices
The "Non Sprecare 2015" Don't Waste 2015 award
Cosmetics in pharmacies
The sale of beauty products in Italian pharmacies is on the increase.
Metal packaging
Numbers and figures of a sector that is unaffected by age: innovation and improvements in the performance of metal packaging.
The euro drops, ink prices rise
During 2014 the US dollargained more than 15% in value over the euro, causing the increase of almost all raw materials, while the fall in the cost of oil has only partially offset the currency change disadvantages
Balances of aluminum foil
According to studies made by the EAFA, the aluminum foil industry closed 2014 on a positive note.
AGCM: biodegradable means...
Last March, reported by Assobioplastiche*, the Competent Authority for Market Competition ordered 17 retail brands to remove the qualification of "biodegradable" from their carrier bags made from additivised plastic...
Oreal Americas and Avery Dennison have teamed up to assess and reduce the environmental impact of the labels affixed to the packaging of the beauty multinational, for this purpose reconsidering the entire lifecycle of the product.
Italian packaging Oscar 2015
The new features of the competition, its guiding principles, promotion, sponsors, and related events and of course ... the nominations.
Russia: situation in the making
From the collaboration between ICE-Agency and Edizioni Dativo, the column dedicated to Italian companies operating in packaging who are looking carefully at the possibility of growth abroad.
Cosmetics-perfumery packaging
Overall picture of the Italian beauty market: production, exports, materials and packaging use.
Bioplastics: positive trend for production capacities
The market data update, presented at the 9th European Bioplastics Conference in Brussels, confirm the positive growth trend of the global bioplastics production capacities, set to increase from around 1.6 million tonnes in 2013 to approximately 6.7 m
The recovery industry is growing
In the last five years the Italian green economy has grown at double-digit rates.
Expo and packaging
Among the initiatives undertaken by Federalimentare to "fill" Expo 2015 with ideas and content, many converge - directly or indirectly - on packaging.
FTA Europe, in support of flexo printing, has come into being
On 5 February, the Flexographic Technical Associations of Benelux, France, Britain, Italy and Spain signed an agreement for the establishment of FTA EUROPE
Since March, a Master on internationalization
Anie (Italian Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Equipment Enterprises) in collaboration with the Business School of the Polytechnic of Milan kicks off with the first edition of its training course on
The report on the green economy in 2014
Created by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and ENEA
Ashoka Social enterprises
The global network of social entrepreneurs/innovators, that has been active for 35 years, with 3,000 entrepreneurs-innovators in over 80 countries, has come to Italy to "proselytize".
Accademia del Profumo 2015: nominations
In the offing the 26th edition of the International Award, an opportunity for the big brands of the perfume industry to meet and dialogue with their consumers. Packaging again in the limelight, along with all the aspects of the perfume product.
Hidden champions
Beauty by contract. Italian contractors active in the beauty market are many, and yet, at the same time, they have known how to conquer the world with scientific ability, technological knowhow and a capacity for service.
Exporting to the Far East: Print China in delegation
Print China 2015, scheduled 7-12 April at the Dongguan City exhibition centre, offers a window onto the huge Asian market and its growth at international level.
Labels: a sector in good health
From the latest Gipea conference, market trends in Italy and Europe, the Observatory with its analyses on company performance, the exchange between operators on new products and technologies and the association's programs for the year to come.
Flexo Day: new features galore!
The associations for the promotion of flexography found the European federation, starting a new era of cooperation, exchange of data and studies as well as joint initiatives.
Everything is set, signed and sealed
to enable action as a strategic network in favor of the processing and packaging technology producing concerns and, more in general, for the business community on both sides of the Atlantic.
ICE-Agenzia Exports: markets to be explored
From the cooperation between ICE-Agenzia and Edizioni Dativo, the column dedicated to Italian companies operating in the packaging sector keen on considering their potential for growth abroad.
Fruit&Vegetables and packaging
Chips with identity
Leading player in the Italian snack market, Amica Chips has again tasked RobilantAssociati (Brand Advisory and Strategic Design) with the evolution of its visual identity, to further foster the growth of the company and the quality of its proposals.
Report on the state of packaging
Quarterly Italian packaging industry observatory. Situation at the end of November 2014. By Plinio Iascone
Italian labeling on the increase
During the 28th Technical Meeting held last November 28, Gipea presented the first study on trends in the labeling supply chain which collects and compares the performance of converters, brand owners, materials and capital goods suppliers.
Exports at + 5.5% for Italian cosmetics.
Multichannel, new forms of distribution and purchasing habits redraw the sector domestic market.
CAC for steel and wood to be reduced
As of April 1 2015 the environmental contributions for steel and wood packaging are to be reduced.
More liquidity for Lombard concerns
From January 29 Regione Lombardia will make available 500 million euros to give liquidity to all companies with registered operational headquarters in Lombardy.
Food Contact: end-of-year updates
Account and contents of the "Food Contact Materials and Articles" seminar, organized by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio and the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS).
Weighty recycling
2013 marks the improvement in the quality of steel packaging recycling, with benefits in both economic and energy saving terms.
MOCA compliance: data sheets on the way
CAST 2 project: guidelines are ready to support documentation for declarations of compliance for food contact, with two new chapters on inks and glues.
Food in transparency
The qualities of glass, suitable for cooking and storing food, were tested
Consumption and distribution: the Coop Report
Only (health) food products and mobile phone technology have resisted the general decline in consumption.
Immagino: bridge between retailers and producers
Some 20,000 products have already been digitized by Immagino, the digital brand content management web service that GS1 Italy - Indicod-ECR activated January 2014
Energy charges
Assocarta demands a "European energy bill" to thwart the competitive paralysis of the Italian paper sector.
The experts like eco
Super compact, super practical and above all highly eco-friendly: thanks to the characteristics of the bottle created for the
Flexible packaging
Featuring complex structures, flexible packaging enables the design of combinations of different materials.
Wood packaging
In 2013 Italy witnessed the circulation of 2 million and 456 thousand tons of wood packaging used in the handling of goods in different manufacturing sectors.
Considerations on glass packaging
5000 years of history for a material accidentally discovered by the ancient Phoenicians: glass has experienced (and is experiencing) numerous innovations, in particular as regards its function as packaging.
Human feedback
Trial, error, corrective action, and then back to the beginning again. What is more being able to find enough space to think, plan and dream.
The market and packaging of coffee
Domestic consumption is down but Italy remains the fourth world coffee consumer, as well as a strong converter and exporter. And in packaging pods are on the increase.
A truly special 2015 Packaging Oscar
November 30th, 2014 is the deadline for presenting nominee applications for the Packaging Oscar 2015, year of the Expo.
Etma: the tubes of the year
The European association of tube manufacturers presents the winners of the 2014 contest.
Aluminium aerosol cans awarded
AEROBAL presents the winners of the World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award 2014: innovative ideas for print and design and the environment to the forefront.
The plastic packaging market
Production growth trend, with particular reference to rigid packaging. This diverse macro category is made up of many product types, including bottles, tubs, blisters and pallets, as well as closures and much more.
The label of the (near) future
A lively panel discussion as part of the annual Finat conference reviewed the situation regarding the market and technological trends in the field of labeling. Here's what to expect.
Marketing: 3 winning strategies
Three concrete actions to get a virtuous circle moving again: with the customer at the centre, will things look up for the company?
From the good land
The strength and the value of a brand (Pedon) fully interpreted by a cardboard pack, masterfully made by Lucaprint.
Report on the state of packaging (3)
Quarterly update on the Italian packaging industry as of the end of June 2014. by Plinio Iascone
The Italian packaging sector
After the contractions recorded in 2012 in production (-5.1%), domestic demand (-4.6%) and foreign trade (exports -5%, imports stable at low levels ) 2013 too shows a downtrend, even though featuring a progressive abatement of the rates of degrowth.
Google Glass for GS1 codes
"Smart" and cutting-edge new mobile devices to scan GS1 barcodes. Using the Google Glass platform, they allow users to scan the code printed on the pack to receive various types of information on the product - from nutritional contents to recipes, go
Cellulose packaging
During the course of 2013, the Italian and European economies continued to undergo a recession that has shown signs of improvement only in the last two months. On the basis of Istat data processed by Assografici's research center, the graphics indust
Paper-graphics: slowdown in the recovery
In the paper-graphics sector market study, during the first six months of 2014 the aspects of stability prevail over those of growth. And the Federation calls on Politics: no to new taxes on energy efficiency; yes to anti-cyclical maneuvers in favour
Harmonize, with the emphasis on safety
The pharmaceutical market is tackling the issue of serialization, with the objective of univocally tracing pharmaceuticals in order to combat counterfeiting and guarantee safety and traceability of each and every single product along the production a
Recycling and employment: the virtues of a circular economy
A study promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and conducted by Conai, together with Althesys, looks at the relationship between urban waste management policies and economic growth and employment in the European Union. And meanwhile, packaging r
International Conference Food Contact Compliance
From the 24th to the 26th September, at Baveno (Lake Maggiore) the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio will be organizing an international conference on food contact.
Back to basics
Why not rediscover the pleasure of holding a bar of scented soap? The solidity of an object that gradually melts between our fingers, that we can spread over our skin, like a caress, that seduces us with a minimal, ephemeral but highly elegant packag
Federgrafica: sector news
Meeting more often, exchanging information and analyses, coordinating new lobbying actions. Editors and suppliers deliberate on the prospects of printed paper in the digital age and make preparations for the paper/graphics/convertig general assembly.
Danone and the Research Packaging Center
Packaging at the centre of brand politics, the consumer at the centre of the innovation process. Following this principle, Danone has built at Evian (close to its most famous source) the Research Packaging Center, where technology and creativity ente
Food labels: rules also for selling online
EU regulation 1169/2011 will go into force starting on December 14th, 2014.
Anti refill bottles in restaurants
The battle for guaranteeing the safety and to avoid the adulteration of food oil on restaurant tables now at last finds support in the "banning" of the so-called cruets.
Coop Italia seeks innovative packaging
Coop (Expo Milano 2015 food distribution partner) - along with the MIT - has the task of co-planning the
Generale Conserve: metal packaging the safest
Tin or aluminium cans offer the consumer practical, longlife products, keeping the contents in time without the need for preservatives. The opinion of Generale Conserve.
The food industry in Italy
FOOD AND BEVERAGE Structure and trends of the market in Italy, with a distinction of the different types of packaging destined to the two sectors.
Entrepreneurial biodiversity
As clear as water. Mineral water obviously, if the vision is that of a Sardinian entrepreneur who has placed the specificity and the culture of his local territory as the fulcrum of growth and success. Mauro Solinas views the state of the art of the
Award-winning sky-blue
After a disastrous world cup, we need to console ourselves, for example with a good plate of pasta. Voiello reclads and wins awards and wins over palates
People read more packaging than they read books...
... and the consumers have the right to understand it. ItaliaImballaggio June, by Stefano Lavorini.
Objective: build consensus through innovation
How is the relationship between brand and consumer changing? What factors are influencing the evolution of the paradigm in this sense?
Packaging for pharmaceutical products
A balance of activities and values of packaging destined for the various forms of pharmaceuticals in Italy.
Packaging for cosmetics and perfumes
Daily hygiene and personal wellness products are indispensable, even during a prolonged crisis
Packaging, imagined and produced
People who think of people, who design a product capable of entering the life of each and anyone of us, and aboveall, capable of remaining there.
Faith has become a serious business
In the cosmetics field too investments need to be made in the continuity of consumer relations in order to guarantee product success and distribution channels.
Packaging Oscars 2014: the winners
Five the winners of the competition promoted by Istituto Italiano Imballaggio. This year's theme was Quality Design and, not by chance, organized in cooperation with the Scuola del Design of Politecnico di Milano. The awards ceremony during the Mila
Senior proof packaging
The European population is getting older and older, generating a growing demand for special products and services, and suitable packaging.
Report on the state of packaging (2)
Quarterly packaging industry observatory. Situation at the end March 2014.
Paper and graphics: prospects
The fourth quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014 saw an improvement in the economic situation, GDP dynamics and industrial production
Metal packaging
FACTS AND FIGURES Size of the Italian market, prospects, innovation and improvements in the performance of aluminum and steel packaging intended for food and non-food.
CONAI: the recycling chain faces the crisis
In Italy the economic benefits produced by the recycling of packaging stand at 10 billion euros a year, half of which attributable to the consortium.
Metal packaging: guaranteeing safety and sustainability
Steel and aluminium packaging is ideal for food products, offering the longest shelf life, guaranteeing room temperature storage and protection against contaminants.
Eataly: bioplastics for fresh produce
Eataly was the first high quality Italian agrifood and restaurant & catering operator to opt for biodegradable and compostable carrier bags and disposable kitchenware
Italian Packaging Oscar 2014.
The Quality design of Italian packaging will go on show from 8th to 13th April in Milan.
What is Italian cosmetics worth
Italians are not foregoing on purchasing cosmetics.
Set-off in printed flexible materials
KNOWING TO EVALUATE Giflex and IRCPack have completed a project defining a method for verifying the adequacy of production processes and legality of raw materials used and supplies a tool for testing cases of contention.
R-PET: from bottle to bottle
Mineral water bottlers and recyclers have created a voluntary consortium that will effect a closed supply chain in order to recover more PET and produce raw materials with food safe properties.
Metal packaging: a marketing tool
Steel and aluminium containers enable bringing out the full potential of a product's value. These completely recyclable packaging types offer many advantages in production.
The importance of materials
NORMATIVE FRAMEWORK Cosmetics and food: two apparently quite different sectors that find themselves sharing numerous points of contact.
Government owned companies: what we should know
In the November-December issue of ItaliaImballaggio we anticipated the characteristics of the state-owned Chinese company and the differences compared to the private ones.
Dialog on metal containers
In an interview with Anfima, Aldo Sutter talks about packaging, drawing attention to the advantages which steel and aluminium packaging carry for concerns, consumers... and the environment.
CO2 emissions: virtuous Italy
According to the Foundation for Sustainable Development's 2014 Climate Dossier, Italy continues on the virtuous path of reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Simply against waste
The original experiment started up a year ago by the Municipalities of Brescia and Aprica to reduce volumes of municipal waste according to the directive of Regione Lombardia has reached its conclusion.
"Eco" aluminium: 70 points to be discussed
The representatives of 14 big aluminium users have highlighted a series of shared criteria, useful in defining the global standards for the production of sustainable aluminium.
Counterfeit: a dangerous crime
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) launches the Italian version of the new global campaign aimed to raise awareness among consumers of the $250 billion a year illicit trafficking of counterfeit goods.
Brazil: why to invest in food
The factors of success for Italian food exports to the South American nation.
Food labels: the new EU regulations
The new European regulations on food labeling as read by GS1 Italy| Indicod-Ecr.
Packaging sector: 2013 in brief
Report on the state of packaging in Italy
+7.6%: turnover 2013 of the Italian packaging machines
Italian automatic machines: positive figures
LCA: joint project for labels
Life Cycle Assessment for self-adhesive labeling
EIB provides 350 million euro
Credit lines available for Italian SME's
A Green New Deal for Italy
Concrete ideas for environment, development and youth employment
New generation of labelers
Strong, Energy, Extreme developed by Etipack
Chinese "public" customer
Suggestions from the expert
The Plastice project
The technology transfer in the field of bioplastics.
Keywords: safety, pack, food
The guidelines for the documentary avowal of GMP are available.
Enrico Fava nominated Cavaliere del Lavoro
At the Palazzo del Quirinale, the official ceremony
Exporting to China
Suggestions from the expert
Design from the land to the table
Focus on fresh fruit and vegetables
Active and intelligent
What packaging is turning into
Recycling Europe
Winning with paper and cardboard
Plastic packaging
Figures and trends
Household detergency
Focus on the market
Business network in Shanghai
Italian technology at Propak China
Italian food sector: climate of trust
The food industry remains stable for the most part during the fourth quarter of 2013, according to a study conducted in December among concerns of the food industry's Ismea Panel.
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